COVID-19 Antigen and PCR Testing Services

COVID-19 pandemic: Our pathology lab has remained fully operational during the COVID-19 outbreak. We understand how important it is to continue your research during this crisis. If we can help you process tissue during this time please contact us with the form below.

Our pathology lab in The Woodlands, TX, has expanded its services to include COVID-19 testing.

We offer two options for COVID-19 Testing. Our COVID-19 antigen and PCR testing services provide clients with fast turnaround times. Our years of experience in laboratory testing allows us to quickly process and analyze your samples right here in our lab. No need to send your test to other labs to be diagnosed—our certified clinical professionals can give you answers on the spot. We understand how frustrating it is waiting for results for a long time. That’s why our testing services are designed to make the process less overwhelming and ensure accurate and reliable results.

During these trying times, Precise Pathology Associates wants to provide you with dependable COVID-19 antigen and PCR testing services our clients can trust. This test identifies if you have been exposed to the virus and are currently infected with COVID-19. Our rapid antigen tests are designed to provide fast results with no appointment needed. Our RT-PCR test option is accepted by airlines and other countries who require this specific technology. We simplify the testing process so you can focus on what really matters—your health.

Our laboratory offers two types of COVID-19 testing: antigen testing and molecular testing. We are focused on improving and evolving the quality of our services every day to follow appropriate testing procedures. Our expert and knowledgeable lab technicians provide quick results and easy drive through onsite testing. Our patients are our number one priority, and we strive to deliver you the excellent care and services needed during these times.

Fill out the form and visit us today to get your rapid COVID testing done. Our COVID-19 antigen and PCR testing services deliver high-quality results in less time. Trust in our lab professionals to provide you with the excellent care and service you deserve.

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